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Mar 18

March Book of the Month: The Juice Box Bully by Bob Sornson & Maria Dismondy

Have you ever seen a bully in action and done nothing about it? The kids at Pete’s new school get involved, instead of being bystanders. When Pete begins to behave badly, his classmates teach him about “The Promise”. Will Pete decide to shed his bullying habits and make “The Promise”? Read The Juice Box Bully …

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Mar 04

Make-Up Plan: 15-Minute Addition to School Day, Starting March 9

Changes Due to Feb. 25-27 Snow Days: Beginning Monday, March 9, Suffolk Public Schools will extend the school day hours by 15 minutes. All schools and all grade levels will add the 15 minutes. The extended day will continue until the end of the school year — Friday, June 12. The daily bell schedule will …

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Mar 04

Free Tutoring for students in Grades K-2!!

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Feb 09

February Parent Newsletter

February parent newsletter

Feb 06

February Book of the Month: Those Shoes by by Maribeth Boelts (Author), Noah Z. Jones (Illustrator)

All Jeremy wants is a pair of those shoes, the ones everyone at school seems to be wearing. Though Jeremy’s grandma says they don’t have room for “want,” just “need,” when his old shoes fall apart at school, he is more determined than ever to have those shoes, even a thrift-shop pair that are much …

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Jan 26

Understood: A Site for Parents

There is a new parent website on the scene for parents whose children, ages 3-20, are struggling with learning and attention issues. Fifteen nonprofit organizations have joined forces to support parents of the one in five children with learning and attention issues. This site is a great referral for your parents to help them learn …

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Jan 15

January Parent Newsletter

January parent newsletter 2015

Jan 15

Book of the Month- January

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon- Molly Lou Melon is a short, awkward, little girl with buckteeth and several other traits that make her a little different. She believes in herself and is able to make friends after a move to another city, thanks to her wise, old grandmother’s advice.

Dec 02

One School, One Book- December

Odd Velvet by Tara Calahan King Velvet is odd. Instead of dolls that talk and cry, Velvet brings a milkweed pod for show and tell. She wins the class art contest using only an eight-pack of crayons. She likes to collect rocks. Even her name is strange-Velvet! But as the school year unfolds, the things …

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Dec 01

December Parent Newsletter

December parent newsletter