Aug 14


Remember some of our key points that we would like to share with our parents. Our students here at Booker T. Washington Elementary are our TOP PRIORITY. Keeping our students safe is key and protecting their instructional time to allow them the best educational experience possible is our goal.

  • We ask for parents to communicate with their child’s teachers on a regular basis but please respect instructional time. Making an appointment with your child’s teacher is the best way to keep communication lines open. This will also allow no interruption of instructional time for your child. Classroom visitations are discouraged unless you have an appointment. We are STRIVING for SUCCESS on the SOL TESTS! WHATEVER IT TAKES!!
  • SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY! Parents should ALWAYS check-in at the Welcome Center or Main Office. All visitors will receive a visitor’s pass, if approved, after signing in and verification with their child’s teacher of their appointment.
  • INSTRUCTION! INSTRUCTION! INSTRUCTION! Early pickups and late arrivals does take away from your child’s instruction along with their fellow classmates. Remember we are STRIVING for SUCCESS on the SOL TESTS!